Enric Sifa is a singer/songwriter, guitar player, and public speaker.
His goal is to entertain and inspire others to have fun, to love, and to be great.

Contact: info@enricsifa.com

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Speaking Engagements

Musician Enric Sifa is also an inspirational speaker, who takes people on a journey through his story: from life surrounded by violence in the Rwandan Genocide, death of his family and friends, and living on the streets at a young age, to the empowering love he received from people not related to him in anyway—love that saved him—and the perseverance that created his success.

Sifa speaks about justice for children and encourages young people to forgive others, break free from victim mentality, and take action to become who they want to be. He has spoken in middle schools, high schools, and colleges, including Jesuit High School in Portland, OR, Stanford University, Regent University School of Law, and more.

Sifa’s story is not about a street kid who made it big, but about how God can reach out to the least valuable members of society and create greatness from brokenness. His message is about the miracles that happen when people are willing to give and receive love and how we are all capable of changing the world, regardless of where we are in life.

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Enric Sifa is an international African/Soul/Dance musician and inspirational speaker whose spirited performances and activism on behalf of the poor have delighted and inspired hundreds of thousands. His musical style ranges from pulsating, danceable rhythms to soulful reflections on life, relationships, and brokenness.

Sifa was orphaned in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 and its aftermath. Every day was a struggle for food and shelter. He used to sing for strangers and perform small jobs for merchants in hope that they would give him money. In order to cope with loneliness and abuse, he would sing himself and other orphaned boys to sleep at night.

His passion for music was forged on the streets as a way of connecting with his mother. “My mom used to sing all day, so when I was alone on the streets, the only thing I had left in my life was my mother’s music,” Sifa says. “The heart and soul of music connected with me and created a blend, living within me, as if her voice was singing, as if my voice was reflecting her voice, and it would take away the loneliness.”

In 2002, a non-profit organization provided him with housing, education, and a guitar. At the age of 14, he won a national singing competition for a song he wrote about AIDS and became a star on Rwandan television and radio. From 2007-2009 he performed throughout the United States to raise money for children in Rwanda. Sifa has always used his music to support others, and he donates a portion of his profit to support budding entrepreneurs in Africa.

Sifa lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon and is completing a bachelor’s degree in business at Warner Pacific College, which he will apply to the record label he founded, MyiBOBO LLC. He speaks and performs throughout the US and Rwanda and released his fourth album, The Coronation Ceremony, in October 2014.

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